Fly Tipping Report - Introduction
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Fly Tipping Report

Fly tipping is 'the illegal deposit of any waste onto land with no licence to accept waste'. Waste includes: general household waste; larger domestic items including fridges and mattresses; garden refuse; and commercial waste such as builders' rubble, clinical waste and tyres.

The Council will try to remove fly tipped material as soon as possible, where it is not on private land. The speed with which we can respond is governed by the amount of work and the equipment necessary to get the job done, as well as any environmental health hazard, but generally requests are dealt with as soon as we possibly can.

Examples of fly tipping that the Council will deal with are:

  • Dumping of rubbish in road lay-bys;
  • Dumping of household items in a Council car park;
  • Dumping of rubbish in the street before the normal collection day.
Please note that it is not possible to investigate forms submitted anonymously. It is therefore necessary to enter your name and address in the fields below. This information is protected under the Data Protection Act and is kept strictly confidential.

Please note that we are be unable to deal with litter problems on private land.
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